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Define according to theorist: |How does this concept relate to take for serve? |How does this concept relate to nurse education? | | | mortal |nightingales theory in nursing radiation diagram |Before nurses relate person to nursing | | |was to put the leisurely in the surmount |education from Florence nightingales view,| | | background for nature to act upon him |nurses are to write out their give personalised | | |(Allingood, 2010). Nurses responsibility |values that can help in achieving shell | | |is to reduce noise, to relieve patients |practice and outcomes (Allingood, 2010). | | |anxieties, and to help musical note forward motion |Because person is defined as | | |(Current Nursing, 2011). Florence |multidimensional, nursing education should | | |Nightingale defined person as |be such where nurses know how to deal with | | |multidimensional, composed of biological, |patients. Nurse customer relationship is an | | |psychological, social, and ghostlike |important part that Florence wants to focus| | |components (Current Nursing, 2011). Her |on. Her bed during nursing showed | | | thinking was people have the powe! r to reduce |that there is best outcome when there is an| | |from diseases. In other words, people with | establish client nurse relationship. | | |reparative powers and can be left fuck |Along with the...If you want to get a full essay, come in it on our website:

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